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The Whitfield Healthcare Foundation, Hamilton Health Care System’s philanthropic foundation, recently honored Dixie H. Kinard with its prestigious Humanitarian Award.

The award recognizes the achievements of a community member who has devoted their time, talents and resources to enhance the quality of the local healthcare system and strengthen the fiber of the community. During the past quarter century only 20 people have received this recognition.

Foundation board Chair Scott Sellers said, “Tonight’s honoree is beloved by all. Emerging as a visionary leader driven by a passion to transform our community, tonight’s recipient has a fearless spirit and innate ability to inspire change and motivate others to aspire towards greatness for our community.

“This year’s humanitarian has epitomized the essence of community-centric leadership, placing the needs of others above self and leaving an indelible mark on countless people. Our recipient’s journey into humanitarianism began with a profound realization, a deep-seated belief that life’s purpose was to uplift and empower others. With a dedication to Dalton and Whitfield County that is palpable in every endeavor, with a seemingly boundless energy for building community and a clear mission of pursuing nothing less than excellence … this year’s humanitarian is our community’s biggest fan, advocate and cheerleader, Dixie Kinard.”

Kinard grew up in Canton and attended Cherokee County schools. She pursued college studies at Emory at Oxford, and graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in journalism.

Her upbringing was shaped by the remarkable influence of her parents, William G. and Hazel Hasty, who were trailblazers in education and politics, instilling in her a deep sense of purpose and a commitment to making a meaningful impact in the world. They taught her the importance of serving others through hard work and compassion.  

She has tirelessly initiated transformative change in Dalton, helping it to grow, prosper and thrive. In her service to her church, as well as local, state and nonprofit organizations, she has left a lasting imprint. Her leadership within the Chamber of Commerce is marked by a relentless pursuit of progress, creating an environment where businesses thrive and community connections flourish.

Her impact extends beyond boardrooms and meetings, it resonates in the hearts of all those who know her. She is not just a leader, she is a catalyst for positive action. Her ability to rally others around a shared vision is unparalleled, inspiring countless individuals to join her in building a brighter future for Dalton.

Her influence is felt in many organizations in Northwest Georgia: the Greater Dalton Chamber of Commerce, Believe Greater Dalton, Girl Scouts, First United Methodist Church, Junior Achievement, Rotary Club of Dalton, United Way of Northwest Georgia and its Women’s Leadership Council and her beloved Women’s Innovation Network where she serves as leader, mentor and spiritual guide.

She is driven by a passionate commitment to improving the world in meaningful ways. Whether as an extraordinary mother and grandmother, a guiding light to her husband Bob, an astute businesswoman, dedicated board member or simply a good friend, her passion is centered on enhancing the lives of her family and community.

This deep-rooted passion serves as the driving force behind each goal she enthusiastically pursues, leaving a lasting impact on those around her and always inspiring positive change. Ultimately, she is passionate about encouraging others to be the best version of themself. Daughter Kim Schuessler said, “My mother is a true servant-leader. I am a better person because she has paved the way and taught me what is truly important in life, and that is ‘Other people.’”  

Friend Anna Adamson said, “Dixie possesses a remarkable ability to grasp the big picture. She possesses a unique ability to identify potential and believe in individuals, often seeing qualities and aspirations that they may not recognize themselves. Her commitment to nurturing talent and fostering confidence has left a lasting imprint on those fortunate to have crossed paths with her.”

She is determined, direct and goal driven. She is persistent, and this quality has served her well in driving positive change. She and her husband Bob founded Kinard Realty in 1974, which later became Coldwell Banker Kinard Realty.

Prioritizing the collaboration of business, healthcare and education to drive regional growth, she has championed educational improvements, from early childhood learning to local public education to providing substantial scholarships to area students at Dalton State College.

Her profound impact on Hamilton began in 1992 when she began serving as a trustee of the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation, fulfilling seven terms. Passionate about advancing healthcare, she chaired the Special Prospects Committee and was zealous in her efforts to engage the community in giving to the hospital. With a keen understanding of the importance of high-quality healthcare to the future of Dalton, she has continually encouraged friends and colleagues to support the foundation’s philanthropic initiatives.

Jane Snipes, executive director of the foundation, said, “Dixie has shared her time, talents and resources with us tirelessly. She has recognized and adapted to the changing seasons in the life of our community, providing leadership and discernment, and remaining true to what is best for Dalton. Dixie has taken meticulous care of Dalton, and has reassured us through her constant presence, supreme guidance and genuine love of community. She is a dear friend, mentor and guide whom I have admired for years. Her light shines in every endeavor she undertakes and in every organization she touches.”

Kinard joins past Humanitarian Award recipients Authur B.E. Lauman (1986), Jackson P. Turner (1988), James E. Brown (1990), Norman D. Burkett (1992), Mrs. Walter M. (Fannie B.) Jones (1994), David D. Hamilton (1996), Dr. Paul L. Bradley (1998), Dr. Murray B. Lumpkin (2000), G. Lamar Lyle (2002), Carl L. Griggs Sr. (2004), James M. Boring Jr. and Kenneth E. Boring (2006), B. Jackson Bandy (2008), Charles Hendry (2010), Robert E. Shaw (2012), Robert M. Chandler (2014), Dorothy B. Reich (2016), Shelby and Willena Peeples (2018) and Bryan E. McAllister (2022).

The foundation is an affiliate of Hamilton Health Care System whose mission is to encourage charitable gifts that support and advance the quality of healthcare provided by the system and its affiliates. As a not-for-profit philanthropic organization, the foundation allocates charitable funds to enhance patient care, promote health education and improve the quality of life for the people of Northwest Georgia.

For more information, please contact the foundation at (706) 272-6128 or visit HamiltonHealth.com/foundation.

Submitted by the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation.


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