GE HealthCare, MediView XR announce AR radiology suite OmnifyXR for clinical use

GE HealthCare and MediView XR, a med-tech company leveraging augmented reality, announced the first successful clinical use of their co-developed OmnifyXR Interventional Suite System.

OmnifyXR, which the companies announced they were co-developing in 2022, pairs GE’s imaging technology with MediView’s AR and surgical navigation platform to help physicians better assess a patient’s anatomy, make more informed clinical decisions and allow for remote collaboration by care teams in different locations.

The platform allows doctors to simultaneously display up to four video streams to improve workflow efficiency, interact with a 3D model of a patient’s anatomy to support planning during a procedure, and collaborate remotely with other care providers for consultation, training or overseeing a procedure. 

Doctors can also view a holographically displayed imaging video stream, interact with the application hands-free using voice commands, and customize the size, angle, and orientation of a patient’s image.

OmnifyXR was used in its first clinical use case by Dr. Jafar Golzarian, professor of radiology and founder of North Star Vascular and Interventional, for two procedures: the embolization of a prostate artery and the embolization of a genicular artery. 

“The heads-up display and augmented reality capabilities of OmnifyXR, especially the 3D anatomical view offered by the hologram scan, are game-changing and allow for new perspectives into treatment we haven’t seen before,” Golzarian said in a statement. 

“I’m excited to be on the team performing these first cases and look forward to seeing how this may help improve clinical and operational outcomes for both patients and clinicians.”


Last year, Ohio-based MediView XR announced it received FDA 510(k) clearance for its AR surgical navigation system, XR90. This system allows physicians to view a patient’s anatomical structures in 3D for preoperative and intraoperative use.

The company also scored $15 million in strategic funding in 2023, a year after securing a $9.9 million investment. 

MediView XR entered into a know-how agreement in 2022 with Mayo Clinic, in which the health system would provide technology, clinical and research expertise to accelerate innovation and advance procedural augmented reality solutions. 

Other companies in the surgical extended reality space include the augmented reality surgical navigation platform Augmedics and the virtual reality surgical training and assessment platform Osso VR. 


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