GE HealthCare Unveils AI-Enabled Urology Software Feature Prostate Volume Assist

GE HealthCare Inks $44M Contract with BARDA to Develop AI-Driven Ultrasound Tech

What You Should Know:

– GE HealthCare, a leader in ultrasound-guided urology solutions, has announced the launch of Prostate Volume Assist (PVA).

– The AI-powered solution is designed to empower urologists with faster and more efficient prostate volume measurement, ultimately aiding in earlier diagnosis and more informed treatment decisions for prostate cancer.

Prostate Volume: A Crucial Measurement in Prostate Cancer Management

Prostate volume plays a critical role in prostate imaging, biopsies, and treatment planning, particularly for prostate cancer. Accurate volume calculations are essential for determining prostate-specific antigen density (PSAD), a key marker used in prostate cancer detection and management. Prostate cancer is a significant health concern for men worldwide. As a leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men, effective tools for diagnosis and treatment are crucial.

PVA: Simplifying Measurement with Artificial Intelligence

Traditionally, prostate volume determination was a manual and time-consuming process. PVA revolutionizes this by leveraging AI to automate prostate volume measurement with a single click, generating results in under two seconds. This frees up valuable time for urologists, allowing them to focus on patient care.

Improved Workflow and Enhanced Capabilities

PVA integrates seamlessly with GE HealthCare’s existing product portfolio: bkActiv, bk3000/5000, and bkSpecto. This AI software feature complements their robust surgical visualization and guidance solutions, including the bkActiv with its advanced image clarity optimization and bkSpecto/bk3000/5000 for high-quality ultrasound guidance during urology procedures.

Global Availability and Upcoming Showcases

PVA is currently available on bkActiv, bk3000/5000, and bkSpecto in key markets worldwide. GE HealthCare plans to showcase this cutting-edge AI technology at upcoming industry events:

  • European Association of Urology Congress in Paris (April 5-8)
  • American Urological Association Annual Meeting in San Antonio (May 3-6)

This launch marks a significant step forward in the fight against prostate cancer. By streamlining prostate volume measurement and empowering urologists with efficient tools, GE HealthCare is paving the way for earlier diagnosis, improved treatment planning, and ultimately, better patient outcomes.

“Normally, clinicians determine prostate volume through a manual, repetitive process that requires measuring multiple dimensions and applying a mathematical formula,” said Fredrik Gran, Head of Innovation, Surgical Visualization and Guidance, Ultrasound at GE HealthCare. “Prostate Volume Assist uses artificial intelligence to automate this process with a single click, and yield results in less than two seconds. This technology provides an added level of support for urologists to improve efficiencies in the workflow and enable precision care.”


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