Healthcare Heroes talks to another local hospital worker

Here, Heather discusses the pride she takes in delivering care to the community, and supporting families at a very important time in their lives.


What motivated you to pursue a career at the SWAH?

Since my first job working with older people, my work has always been in caring, so it was a natural progression to work at our local hospital.

Some of my family members already worked at the SWAH and they have always enjoyed their work and the opportunities for staff there.

Could you share a significant challenge you’ve faced in your role and how you overcame it to provide quality healthcare services?

The Covid-19 pandemic was a huge challenge to us all and very much so for people working in healthcare.

With the guidance of colleagues and excellent teamwork, we were fortunate to make it through difficult times, the like of which we never experienced before.

How do you believe your role contributes to the well being and recovery of patients within our community?

Family is at the heart of our community and it is a real privilege to work somewhere that provides the best of care to mothers and babies at such a key time.

Can you highlight a particular patient interaction or medical achievement that you are particularly proud of and why?

Each patient has their own particular needs, and sometimes it is not always obvious if a person needs extra support or what that might involve.

I have always tried to be mindful of this, and believe it is so important all woman, babies and their families get the care and respect they expect to receive.

It is a source of real pride for me that the work I am involved with can make such a positive difference to people at such an important point in their life.

How do you ensure the delivery of compassionate and effective care in your specific healthcare discipline?

Mothers and families experience both anxious and joyful times in the Maternity Ward so it is essential every patient is treated with dignity and kindness while they are with us in the ward.

What aspect of your work do you find most rewarding and how does it resonate with your personal values and mission?

Newborn babies bring such happiness, and to be involved even in a small way helping mothers, family and friends at this hugely important time, is a real privilege.

How do you manage the demands of your job and what strategies do you employ to ensure exceptional healthcare service delivery?

Maternity is an emotional environment, both highs and lows, and mine is definitely a busy ward that needs you to be adaptable!

Enjoying your work and the people you are with makes all the difference, and keeping focused on our patients at all times means that the best of care is given at all times.

Have there been any mentors or colleagues who have significantly influenced your practice and in what way?

All my colleagues do a fantastic job and their professionalism is such a motivation.

When I first joined the SWAH, I was very fortunate to have a really exceptional colleague who I learned so much from.

After many years of excellent service, they are now enjoying their well-deserved retirement!

The maternity team is a bit like a family, and so even though some of our colleagues are no longer on the ward, we still enjoy keeping in touch.

What are your aspirations for the future and how do you envision the evolution of your role within the SWAH?

I hope to enjoy working with families and colleagues for many more years.

Over the years new technology has come into practice. This being County Fermanagh, I was not surprised when we got a ‘COW’ on site – but to be clear, that is a Computer On Wheels!

Whatever changes to practice and equipment may come with the future, the care of our patients will always be our priority and key to the success of the Maternity Ward.

How do you believe your efforts contribute to the overall excellence and advancement of healthcare services in our local community?

Overall, I believe the SWAH Maternity Ward makes a huge contribution to healthcare in the local area, and we are so fortunate to have such an excellent service here.

By doing my work to the highest standard, alongside my colleagues, I believe this ensures the best of care is given to everyone in our locality, not just in Maternity but throughout the hospital.


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